Buell RBZ Stealth Mode 4/3 Back Zip Wetsuit

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Don’t trip on the Back-Zip! All zippers were created equal and the RBZ Stealth Mode hammers this point home. This modest, affordable suit gives you more bang for your buck, without sacrificing the techy, cutting edge features that Buell suits are renowned for. Simple to get in and out of, the RBZ Stealth Mode wards off water and protects the zipper like an attack dog with an inner water barrier that keeps the cold out—the perfect suit for surfers of all levels.

Ninja Neoprene is the lightest, stretchiest and softest neoprene material in the water. With roughly 30% less water absorption, dries quicker and is limestone— so it’s better for the environment. The glued and blindstitched seams on all neoprene panels are glued together then blindstitched, creating a watertight, flexible seam. Soft seal interior tape is an ultra-soft internal seam tape that reinforces glued and blindstitched seams for a watertight seal and added comfort. Critical seam junctions are reinforced with seam tape for added strength. The ultimate seam seal. Liquid rubber lines the exterior seam, which, combined with the glued and blindstitched seam make the seams completely waterproof. Soft and comfortable Kevlar-like kneepads are tough on the outside, but soft and stretchy on the inside. Smooth rubber seal integrated into the cuffs prevent expansion and keep water out while maximizing comfort. Fluid rubber seal at the neck wrists and ankles help to prevent expansion while keeping water out.

Product Details

  • Thickness: 4/3mm
  • Neoprene: Ninja
  • Internal Lining: Thermal
  • Seams: Sealed / Taped
  • Entry System / Zipper: Back Zip
  • Hood: No Hood
  • Knee Pads: Yes
  • Model Year: 2022
  • MPN: WRBZ0143M

Product Features

  • Ninja Neoprene V-Foam
  • Triple glued and blindstitched external seams with “Soft Seal” interior seam tape
  • Neck features smoothskin “Snake Seal”
  • Wrist and ankle “Sizzle Seal” waterway seals
  • Supratex Knee Pads
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