Hotline Reflex 5mm Round Toe Boots

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We love Hotline here are Cleanline Surf and a lot of us use their booties. Why? Well, for a couple of reasons. They're warm, reliable, and they offer long-lasting comfort for long cold-water sessions. These Hotline 5mm surf booties were developed in the frigid waters of Santa Cruz. The boots are designed to maximize board control, while minimizing heat loss. The Hotline innovative Round Toe booties have the most durable sole on the market. Offering the highest protection from reefs and rough terrain to keep you safe, warm, and in the water longer!

Product Details

  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Toe: Round Toe
  • Upper and lower velcro straps
  • Latex Seal
  • Heat Reflective Metalite Glue
  • High Traction Sole
  • Durable Rubber Reinforcements
  • Durable construction stabilizers that keep their integrity due to pulling boots off over time
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