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  1. Arakawa Holy Moli Surfboard Review

    Arakawa Holy Moli surfboard with a thruster fin set laying on the beach sand. The Holy Moli by legendary Hawaiian shaper Eric Arakawa is a performance hybrid that blends the hold and maneuverability of a step up with the paddle power and glide of a mid-length. The Holy Moli excels in anything from waist-high mush to overhead juice. It's the type of surfboard that is nearly impossible to get off once you start riding it. I am here to tell you why this is a worthy addition to any quiver. Continue reading →

  2. Best Sunscreen for Surfers

    Sun Bum Face Sun Screen SPF 70 Surfing is full of fun, sun, and salt. With all those elements combined, it’s wise to consider how to take care of your skin. From Sun Bum to Belly Jelly, there are many products out there that help to protect the health of your skin while still being able to enjoy long sessions out in the sun. Whether it's cream for the face or a small tube of lip balm, let’s take a look at Cleanline’s best sunscreen products for surfers. Continue reading →

  3. Isurus Ti Alpha and Ti Evade Wetsuit Review

    Surfer walking and carrying a surfboard while wearing the Isurus Ti Evade 4/3 chest zip wetsuit. Isurus Wetsuits have continued to be synonymous with cold water surfing. As a relatively recent addition to Cleanline’s wetsuit fleet, Isurus falls into the premium wetsuit category. You may ask yourself, what makes a Ti Alpha and Ti Evade worth the premium price?  Read on to get the breakdown of the features of the Isurus line and what makes it worth every dollar. Continue reading →

  4. Best Surfboards for Beginners

    Catch Surf surfers riding a party wave together on their beginner soft top surfboards Surfing is one of the most challenging sports to master. Some would say you can never truly perfect surfing, which is why it becomes a fulfilling lifelong journey. I have been surfing for two decades and still learn new things every session. If you’re brand new to the sport, surfing can seem like an endless uphill battle. Nonetheless, once the surfing bug has bitten you, there is no turning back. Continue reading →

  5. Surfboard Racks, Pads, and Straps Guide

    Two surfers strapping down their surfboards to the roof of their SUV. Not all of us have the luxury of living within a rock's throw of our favorite surf break. A solid setup of surf racks, pads, and durable straps are essential for safely transporting a surfboard from your house to the ocean. A set of rack pads also protects your surfboard from getting pressure dents when tied to the crossbars on a vehicle. Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or looking for something with a few bells and whistles, we’ve got you covered. Read further for our take on what options are available. Continue reading →

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