Isurus Ti Evade 4/3 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit

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New for winter 2020/21 Evade 4.3 hooded winter wetsuit from Isurus. A wetsuit with 5 mm warmth in a 4 mm wetsuit. Born at Mavericks, tested and true in some of the harshest conditions. The Evade series will keep you warmer and performing longer in cool to cold water conditions.

A compression wetsuit, now with a strategic combination of Yamamoto #40 and #39, to reduce weight, enhance compression, improve seal, and with Z-Fleece for extra insulation. The suit has #40 Yamamoto, 25% stretchier than #39, in the upper torso for improved ease of paddling. Featuring Yamamoto eco-limestone neoprene that only absorbs 2% water. No more heavy, water-logged wetsuits to surf in.

Product Details

  • Thickness: 4/3mm
  • Neoprene: Yamamoto #40 and #39 Japanese
  • Internal Lining: Titanium with Z-Fleece
  • Seams: Sealed / Taped
  • Entry System / Zipper: Chest Zip
  • Hood: Attached Hood
  • Key Pocket: Yes
  • Model Year: 2020/2021
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: IW43HF2ME

Product Features

  • #40 Yamamoto Neoprene | Stretchier Neoprene Arms, Shoulders, Neck
  • #39 Yamamoto Japanese Neoprene | Lower body with Compression Liner
  • Supercharged Compression
  • Arms Up Design
  • KOREgulator Panel
  • Bio-Mechanical Lat Panel
  • Muscles Stabilization Technology
  • Silicone Pre-Tensioners — Wrist and ankle cuff grippers to help prevent “blow-outs”, water ingress and enhance seals.
  • Simple, effective fold-over pocket with elastic keep keeper loop
  • Gutter Balls — Drain holes for efficient excess water exit.
  • NEW Riri® Military Grade Zippers
  • Duraflex® Hardware
  • Bluesign® & Oeko® Certified Jersey

Additional Info


Supercharged compression, muscle stabilization, and bio-mechanical lat panel combine to create a wetsuit that allows you to perform at your best. Increased range of motion, reduced fatigue, quicker recovery times and better overall circulation is what Isurus wetsuits are all about.


Just another gimmick? Isurus doesn't think so! Isurus Wetsuits were specifically designed around “Supercharged Compression”. Compression garments are known to improve performance and recovery. Professional and Olympic athletes in all sports use them because it improves performance and shortens recovery. It is long overdue for surfing, and Isurus is leading the charge.


An additional low back/kidney panel, or “CORE” temperature regulator is extremely important, as the kidneys are the body’s main blood filtration organs where all blood passes, constantly circulating and warming from the core – to the furthest extremities. This, combined with the improved circulation from Isurus Advanced Compression Design, increases body heat and enhances energy levels and shortens recovery time.


Isurus took a new approach to pattern-making for surf wetsuits. Wetsuit patterning, like all clothing (for the past 50 years) have been made with the arms hanging at your side, okay for street clothes, but for surfing wetsuits, it is restrictive. Isurus designed the wetsuit with the arms raised overhead. Putting your arms in the optimal power position for paddling.


Isurus has designed a one-piece side panel, stretching from the hip to the elbow joint, this provides unrestricted flexibility and maximum paddling power.


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