Solite Custom Pro 2.0 5mm Split Toe Boots

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The 5mm Custom Pro 2.0 integrates Solite's new 3-Point Strap with the 2.0 Sole for precision fit and instant response. They've also upped the warmth even more with their new metal-grid Thermal Rebound plush lining.


  • 3D Molded Natural Rubber Sole: Like all of Solite's new 2.0 Series boots, the 5mm Custom Pro 2.0 features a 3D-molded 1mm natural rubber sole, wrapping up the toes and heel for increased durability and protection against rocks, urchins, and reef. The one-piece sole design leaves no exposed gaps between sole pods, insuring extra protection and durability.
  • Custom-Fit 2.0 Thermofoam Sole: Solite's patented heat-moldable 2.0 Thermofoam sole has also been completely redesigned including a more comfortable Mini-Split internal split toe.
  • 3-Point Strap with Floating D-Ring: Another Solite innovation, their 3-Point Strap anchors under both the arch and heel on the inside of the foot, and under the heel on the outside of the foot.
  • Thermal Rebound Lining: The Custom Pro 2.0 features a unique Thermal Rebound plush, quick-dry interior lining material.
  • Tatex Flex-Spine: The calf area features their exclusive Tatex Flex-Spine. The Flex-Spine serves three distinct purposes
    • Enhances durability with an abrasion resistant rubbery surface.
    • Reduces stretch to act like a shoe-horn, making it easier to slide your heel into the boot.
    • Provides a sticky external surface to grab your wetsuit leg and prevent flushing.
  • EZ-O Cuff with Overkill Seams: Solite's EZ-O cuff design provides a seamless barrier against flushing with a larger panel than other o-ring seals, providing much easier on-off and reducing stress on the seams.
  • Reinforced Stealth-Loop: To ease on/off, they've integrated their low-profile Stealth-Loop in the heel.
  • Split-Toe Heat-Booster Socks:
    • Makes boots easier on-off and reduces stress on seams.
    • Increases comfort by providing a soft barrier between the feet and the Thermofoam sole.
    • Adds warmth to extend session length and comfort.
    • Absorbs excess water from flushing to prevent puddling in the boots.
    • ´╗┐Absorbs bacteria to reduce bootie-stink.
    • Machine wash and dry for convenience.
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